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Scandi Knives

The Scandi type of knife dates back to the Viking Age, or quite possible even earlier. From the beginning it was designed as a personal utility knife capable of almost any work that you could possible throw at it. It is superior for woodworking, but will also make a great hunting or fishing knife. In summary a perfect knife for outdoorlife or bushcrafting.

In Scandinavia it has long been an established tradition that one maker make the knifeblade, another make the handle and sheath, but in some cases even a third person could be collaborating on the sheath. It has been so for several hundreds of years, and even today most makers source their knifeblades from bladesmiths specialising in blades only.

Even though I make blades myself, I will honour that tradition by continueing to source the traditionally laminated knifeblades from a few select bladesmiths that I have sought out during the years. Bladesmiths who I know have a fine reputation, great service and make some of the best blades available.


Below you will see some examples of my type of Scandi knives. Not all knives are shown here, and each knife may be slightly different from all others even though it share some general lines in the design. I tend to like composite handles made from different materials, but also make plain standard knives with a handle from a single piece of wood. Sheaths for my knives is fitted individually to each knife. All sheaths are made from leather, but even here I may also use a combination of leather wood and bone if it fits the general design of the knife.


Prices will vary according to materials used, the complexity of the general design of the knife, and obviously the time used in the making of the knife. In general though, prices start at 1200,- Nkr (approximately 150,- Euro).








Gerd Jorgensen  2010